Susitna Landing Weather Cam

Welcome to the Susitna Landing weather cam page. From here you will be able to see an updated image of the weather here every 5 minutes. A lot goes on around here with the weather, but there’s much more to see from the weather cam than just the weather! In the summer we can watch the boats launch, people fishing, having outdoor picnics, bike riding, and just generally enjoying the great outdoors.

In the winter the boat launch turns into the snowmachine launch. Once the rivers freeze up and the snow falls, the groomed trail crosses the Kashwitna River, through some beautiful trees, and then on to the Susitna River. There the trail splits. South goes to Neil Lake. That trail also has access to the Deshka Cut off trail. If you go straight, you will find yourself at Trapper Lake. The trail also connects to the Curry Ridge Trail system. Whatever way you choose will give you jaw dropping views of the terrain around Susitna Landing.

Below is also a very cool time lapse video of the previous 24 hours that captures all the previous day’s events and weather together for you to enjoy.

If the image you see isn’t current to within 5 minutes please refresh the page.

Susitna Landing Current Weather

The weather at the Landing and here in Alaska is always changing. Come here to see the weather cam image to see what the weather is doing. Also, check the forecast so you can know what to expect when you get here. But the bottom line is this. Get outside and enjoy Alaska!

Click here for the Willow forecast

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